Age: 53

Favorite Movement: Cleans

Least Favorite Movement: Frogger

How has CrossFit changed you?: CrossFit has changed my thinking about what I can and can’t do physically and mentally. Who would’ve thought I could lift weights?? Admittedly, it’s not much weight, but hey, it’s a lot for me!

Why you love CrossFit?: I love so many things about CrossFit. I actually want to work out!! I have never, ever said that before! If I look at the WOD on a rest day, I actually want to go do it! I’ve never considered myself an athlete, but I find I’m starting to like the challenge of each and every WOD. I love the variety that each workout brings and I really love the feeling when I’m done! Stronger than yesterday!!

The CrossFit environment is like none other I’ve experienced. It is so positive and encouraging and I love that there are so many families that work out together! I love working out with my daughters.

Each coach here has helped me so much with their encouragement and constructive tips. Each one has helped me improve my ability to do different movements and to keep going when I want to stop.

I’m awed by the younger members and their amazing accomplishments each week and inspired by those of us who qualify as Masters and Masters+. We understand each other and the extra effort it takes some days both physically and mentally and still we keep going……

From the Coaches: Carol is a huge encourager in our gym! She is always supporting and encouraging fellow CrossFitters! Not only does she bake amazing paleo cookies, she challenges herself to become stronger than the day before. She is truly a go-getter! We love watching her improve and her spirit is uplifting to everyone at the box! Thank you Carol!

Congratulations Carol on being our Spotlight Athlete!

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