Age: 37

Favorite Movement: By favorite, I am using a movement that is technical and fun to me. I feel by improving/ mastering this movement it will lend a transition into other lifts. This movement is the Overhead Squat. The idea of weight above ones head and standing up with locked arms just amazes me.

Least Favorite Movement: Yet another technical lift the Snatch. Least favorite in the sense, first it is difficult and secondly my hip flexibility is not great so it makes receiving this in a squat difficult. This answer two weeks ago would have been Double Unders.

How has CrossFit changed you?: It has brought a higher sense of awareness to my diet and what it takes to be fit. It has made working out and eating fun. Being a competitive person, I find a sense of urgency in doing the best (better than yesterday), beating the bad (bad food)! I find myself not only involved in my own fitness but in helping others achieve their own sense of fitness. I have found an inner spark that enables me to show my competitive nature. Competing is something I have fallen in love with. I don’t like to lose and CrossFit has allowed me to realize defeat can be seen as weakness and a weakness needs to be punished. Just practice – get better “Just do one”! This allows me to use my inner voice to get better. Where else besides CrossFit do you cheer for your opponent?

Why you love CrossFit?: I will keep this short and concise. The community/family feeling that is present each and everyday the moment you walk through the door at NCF. The support and encouragement that flows within those walls is amazing. I love seeing people not only challenge themselves but once they are done beating themselves down they are there to cheer on the person next to them. The feeling one has knowing they have the support of everyone in the building is amazing. I love each and everyday spent there and those who I see. Without you guys it would not be the same. Thank you to those awesome coaches we have that help inspire us daily and a Special Thank You to Doug and Abby. I love you guys!

Congratulations Ryan on being our Spotlight Athlete!

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