With a combined age of 141, Mike and Jeanie are our first Spotlight Athlete Couple!

Like most of our Spotlight athletes, when we told them they had been chosen, they both laughed and thought it was a mistake.  The most common thing being said was, “But I’m not an athlete.”  We beg to differ. Every person who walks in our doors is the very definition of an athlete and Mike and Jeanie are no different.

SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: a person/or persons who inspire other athletes with their drive, dedication and success.

Mike and Jeanie have been married 48 years and have 5 married children and 11 grandchildren. Jeanie joined NCF a year ago after a friend told her about how encouraging the coaching staff was and how they were working with her and her particular fitness needs.
When we first meet Jeanie she had major problems with her shoulder. She couldn’t lift her arms overhead or do much of anything with it. Her knees always bothered her and she wasn’t able to get up from the floor without assistance.  But she showed up 3 days per week for the last year and we have worked diligently to improve her shoulder mobility and her range of motion in her knees and hips. Today, not only is she doing presses and pulls, but also does squats and no longer needs help getting up or down during workouts. She is proof that anyone can do this if they are willing to do the work.
A few months after Jeanie joined, Mike decided to give it a try. We could say he moves well for a man in his 70’s but to be honest, he moves well for a man in his 40’s!  He can do it all: box jump to a 20″ box, DL RX weights in a workout, move mechanically sound (though he doesn’t like to) and he has a the same cheerful attitude that Jeanie does when he’s in.
Before joining CrossFit I’d get up in the morning feeling stiff and sore for no particular reason; now I have one and it’s great.
Today they are both healthier and stronger.  When they aren’t at the box they lead active lives. Jeanie was a childbirth and lactation educator for 30 years before retiring recently.  Now she volunteers at the NW Mother’s Milk Bank and spends her free time gardening.  Mike is a developer and builder, for both residential and commercial, and has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

When we asked them what they love most about NCF and the CrossFit community they said, in unison, the people.

The first day was a bit overwhelming and intimidating. But then we started the workout and everyone was so positive. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling comfortable.

The strength and intensity of the CrossFit members is amazing to witness. But also the acceptance, encouragement and personalized workouts we receive every time we walk in the door. I look forward to those intense workouts now.

When it comes to favorite “moves,” Mike enjoys the PVC pipe stretches he does every morning before the WOD while Jeanie loves the shoulder stretches and ring rows.  And their future goals?

I’d like to improve my core strength by moving onto the bar for more intense core workouts.

Completing 5 straight pull-ups and 5 hand stand push-ups is my ultimate goal.
While speaking with Mike and Jeanie we learned a few fun facts about them. Mike was raised an “army brat”  and can speak fluent Japanese.  Jeanie loves music and can play, not only the piano, but also the organ.
They’re an incredible couple to be around and they never cease to amaze me with what they’re capable of. They always downplay their abilities and their roles at the gym. Don’t let them fool you. Age is just a number.
-Doug Hildreth


Mike and Jeanie are amazing people. They work so hard and I’m so proud of them for coming to our gym and giving us a chance. They are not only amazing athletes, they are amazing humans and they have given so much to Doug and I. We are blessed to know them!
-Abby Hildreth

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone and being included in this CrossFit community. Thank you.
-Mike and Jeanie

Congratulations Jeanie and Mike on being our April and first ever Spotlight Athlete Couple.

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  1. Steven Ward Reply

    Always nice to read and see the older group develop and utilize CrossFit. CrossFit is not just about competing, it’s about improvement, based on your starting point, and using the movements of CrossFit and coaching advice, to help reach your goals and overcome issues you may have. As you get older, improvement will likely be slower, but it can happen for sure. Nice write up !! Best of luck to Mike and Jeanie !!

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