How old are you? 29

How long have you been a member of NCF? Working on 2 years. Started in November of 2014

What did you think when you found out you're the spotlight athlete? 3 thoughts- How many other people were unavailable (bad joke)? That being the spotlight athlete won't do much for my "under the radar" approach to Crossfit. And now maybe people will stop calling me Alex?

What is your favorite move? Anything low skill and heavy. Not burpees!

Least favorite move? Burpees!

What do you love most about NCF? Crossfit as a sport/exercise methodology will give you exactly as much as you are willing to take. Do you need a decent workout after a tough day at your job or are you looking to compete and tone some gnarly back-abs? (lookin at you Mitch) I think Doug and Abby and the coaching staff at NCF have done an excellent job at making Crossfit accessible to everyone and recognizing that we all have different expectations and goals. It is as much a community as it is a gym.

What do you love most about Crossfit? I was reluctant to join Crossfit initially and poked fun at a few friends that had been Crossfitting for some time. It was very different than much of what I had done through sports and traditional gym memberships. Eventually, the in-laws joined and I got roped in. It took me about 6 months of suffering (read: dizziness, nausea, and general mouth breathing) before I was able to enjoy a workout. Now Crossfit is fun? I still regularly finish last and collapse on the mats like I've been shot after most workouts, but that pain now registers as progress.

How has Crossfit changed your life? I am making a conscious effort to drink the Kool-Aid. I came into Crossfit with low expectations and a nagging knee injury and 20 months later I am the strongest I have ever been. Regular attendance coupled with a slight effort in diet and nutrition and the results are hard to ignore.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? With more kids and fewer convertibles, nailing consecutive ring muscle ups and running home to Dundee from NCF's Tuesday night 7pm class at a 7 minute mile pace. I will likely still making excuses when Doug tries to sign me up for Battle in the Berg.

Tell me something people don't know about you? That I have always hated this question. Perhaps that one of my passions is skiing/snowboarding and that we should totally organize a "side-group" of NCF members who would like to make some trips to Mt. Hood this winter?

From your coaches:

Andrew is strong! He made my Endurance WOD into a strength workout by doubling every weight I recommended... completing the class with ease. Andrew has great agility and power.... he looks like he is weightless for a moment when he does box jumps. Combine that with his positive attitude, willingness to try anything, and unstoppable work ethic, he is going to go a long way! He inspires me to work harder and try new things. -Ruth

He's just fun to watch. He's strong and makes everything look so easy. Yet he is incredibly humble. I think he's a very good all-around athlete that tends to underestimate himself. He is a very genuine person and I really like that about him. -Jaimi

Andrew is fun to coach. I always enjoy having him in class. He consistently shows up and does the work; on top of that he is an amazing athlete. Andrew has a great attitude and easy spirit to be around. I love watching him cheer on Alex and others around him. He listens to cues and continues to improve. He has endless potential and I'd love to see what he can do in the future. -Christine

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