Age: 30

Favorite Movement: I love power cleans! And I can finally clean as much as I could in high school.

Least Favorite Movement: I don’t really dislike anything because I want to master everything. But I really hate doing jumping jacks to warm up.

How has CrossFit changed you?: My muscles are bigger now. But it’s changed a lot of how I feel. I have more energy. I also have that after work out high which my family loves (especially my husband) so when I come home from the box I feel happy and energetic. So after watching the kids all day, Ben comes home and says, “You should go to CrossFit.”

Why you love CrossFit?: I used to play basketball all the way through high school and intermurals in college. But in my adult life I’ve TOTALLY missed being part of some sport to be competitive in. That’s why I’m excited for the summer games! I’m glad I found CrossFit because now I have an exercise I can enjoy for the rest of my life. And I can’t wait to WOD with my kids someday. I also love everyone at NCF. You are all so inspiring!!

From the Coaches: Cassie is an amazing athlete! We have seen her grow in leaps and bounds from the first time in the box to where she is now. She is willing to try anything and even competed in the summer games! We are so proud of her! I love how she comes into the box and KILLS the WODS! Cassie is an amazing example of a mother and athlete! Cassie we are so glad that you are part of our box and we love you!

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