Competitive Training

The Reason why the Rebuilt Athletes competitive training program is far and away the best delivery system, or training methodology out there, is because it is designed specifically for the individual by a coaching staff that has competed at the highest levels in the sport for years. With The Rebuilt Athletes competitive training program being developed by athletes that can compete at the highest levels in the sport, we understand the process of time, the process of adaptation, and the process of doing it right, so that there is sustained progress and growth for the athlete. Through out the course of there training, what must be avoided is the peaks and Valleys that come with following traditional blogs, and online sites that everyone wants to follow. What this program will do is remove the guess work by assessing the situation, assessing the client, and then prescribing the right fitness application for them. This will Allow development of the athlete into the best version possible, in a healthy manner, in the shortest period of time. Their is no Other Gym in this area that will offer what we offer. The Rebuilt Athlete Competitive Training program comes of the Opex Fitness tree with a Mix of Head Trainer, and Owner of Newberg Crossfit Doug Hildreth's knowledge. In regards to reaching elite levels of fitness, what it takes is individualized program design. That is what we do based on what we have seen in over nearly a decade in the sport of crossfit.