Age:  49

How long have you been a member of NCF?  Four months including 101.

Why did you join Crossfit?  I had been trying some fitness things on my own for a year and a half; treadmill and adjustable dumbbells.  I had made decent progress but after recovering from a minor heart problem, my motivation waned.  My brother Tony had been training a while and even finished two marathons!  He joined NCF and absolutely loves it.  I knew that I wanted to work on strength as the foundation for general fitness and I had to check out the source of his exuberant recommendation.

How has CrossFit changed your life so far?  I’m losing fat, every part of my body is stronger and everyday activities are easier; even though I’m sore most of the time.   And since the 5:30am class is the only time that fits my schedule, I’m learning to fake being a morning person.

Which move do you find most challenging in CrossFit?  Form: The snatch is still awkward but is getting better as my shoulder range of motion improves.  Strength: Those normal pull-ups.  I still need mega-modification.

What is your favorite CrossFit move?  Deadlift!  I’ve had back trouble since an injury when I was young.  I decided that I needed to focus on my lower back stability.  I’m now able to work it much harder and that is very satisfying.

When you look into the future, what health/athletic goals do you see yourself accomplishing?  Well, when the next 5-4-3-2-1 deadlift workout comes around, I’ll be trying 185-265 lbs!  Longer term, right now I’m doing the modified WOD weight pretty consistently.  Each quarter I’d like to move up a quarter of the way.  I’d like to start 2017 at RX.

What’s your favorite thing about NCF?  I was very impressed with Doug and the coach’s ability to accommodate my meager capabilities.  With the modifications they suggest I’m able to work out at my level alongside others in the class that are more advanced.

What do you love about CrossFit?  The focus on total body strength and all around fitness; exactly what I need!

Do you remember your first day at NCF?  What was it like?  Well, there were really two first days.  My first day at 101 was fun and absolutely exhausting!  Took me a week to recover from Ben’s push-ups!  And even though I had learned quite a bit, my first day at the 5:30am class was a little intimidating; I probably looked like a deer in headlights!  But everyone was very helpful and welcoming and I was soon comfortable with the process.

Your brother is also a member at NCF. With the Open starting this month, will you have a secret competition happening between the two of you?  Who do you think will win?  Ha, if we had a competition it probably wouldn’t be secret!  But even if I did the Open now my modifications probably wouldn’t allow a straight comparison.  There’s no doubt that he would win!  But the 2017 Open will be a totally different story, stay tuned!!

What was your reaction when you were told that you’d been chosen as our Spotlight Athlete?  It was very awkward because I was so stunned!  I just didn’t know what to say.  I mean, Doug had just described me as an ‘athlete’, how bizarre!?!

What are a few things people may not know about you?  I was born, raised, educated, and married in Newberg and we moved out of state a week later.  We moved back to the area eight years and four kids later.

Because you’re our February Spotlight Athlete, would you please give us your best ‘Roses are Red’ poem?   Let’s see, Roses are red, violets are blue, lethargy dead, starting anew.

“When Joey joined a few months ago, he knew his only class time option would be 5:30 am yet he still made the choice to give it a try. He came in with some normal uncertainty, yet a quiet determination and eagerness to learn and to give his full effort every day. It’s been incredible to see his transformation, not just physically, but mentally as he is consistently putting in the time and work to improve his movements and his specific needs to stay healthy.”
-Kim McIntyre
“Over the past few months we’ve watched him grow as an athlete at the right pace. He stays after class and works on things that he needs to address for past injuries he’s suffered. It has taken a lot of hard, diligent work.  As a result we’ve seen him do things he never thought he’d be able to do; a workout with deadlifts, push-ups with good form and no modification. We are so proud of Joey and the athlete that he is becoming. He embodies everything we as trainers and hope to see in our clients.”
-Doug Hildreth
I’m still stunned about this recognition.  I’m just learning as much as I can and putting in the work.  If I can do this, almost anyone can!

Congratulations Joey on being our February Spotlight Athlete!

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