Janel 2014 AOM

Favorite Movement: Weight lifting, I don’t even care which movement. It’s just something I never imagined myself doing. Most of the time I still can’t believe it.

Least Favorite Movement: Any movement where I have to get up off the floor…. seems like it should be easier than it actually is.
How has CrossFit changed you?: It was a year ago in June when I first walked into the box to observe a class. I even remember the WOD: TABATA push ups, weighted lunges and squats… (yes- 3 rounds of TABATA) I hadn’t done any significant form of exercise in over 20 years and was severely obese. I didn’t know anything about CrossFit, I had just seen a sign along the road. I had no preconceived ideas. I just knew that it was time to do something different. It was becoming a struggle just to get around. I had difficulties just getting in and out of the car, or around the grocery store. My kids wanted me to hike with them or ride bikes and I wouldn’t go because it hurt and I was afraid something bad would happen. I wouldn’t even walk to my parents house, just a block away. There was no way I would have gone into a traditional gym, not even a female only gym. I was too afraid of being judged and that I would fail.
I began my 101 Class last September, and spent over half of my first class lying on the floor. But, I was hooked. I just remember thinking…. I can do this. When I think back, it’s hard to imagine how far I’ve come. For me, the biggest change has been in my confidence. I used to tell myself that I could never do something. Now I think that I can do things…. with practice, patience and perseverance. I have also changed physically- down 30+ pounds and 4 dress sizes.

Why do you love CrossFit?: I absolutely love the CrossFit community, and not only at our box. There is so much encouragement and support. When you have a history of tearing yourself down, it’s nice to be in an environment that supports and promotes growth and positivity. I remember someone coming up to me at that June class and saying, “You may not think you can do this…. but you can and we are here to help.”

Future Goals?: I want to be able to be able to get up off the floor. I want to be able to run, 400m for now and 5k within a year. I want to be able to put 100lbs over my head and do a pull up. On a personal note, I want to open my own counseling or coaching practice using the education and skills I already have to help others improve themselves.

From the Coaches: Janel is truly one of our most inpsirational athletes. I can remember the day she sat in on a class and watched and then seeing her walk back in to our 101 class in September and how hard that first night was for her. When she walked back in Wednesday I knew we had someone special on our hands because most people will just quit when things are that challenging or hard. She works so hard on her technique and movements its amazing to see. Now sometimes she picks up a barbell to do a clean or a snatch and it looks so fluid and effortless. She moves like she has been doing it her whole life. Her squat started on a tall box and now she can squat with wonderful form. What more could you ask for as a coach? It’s an honor and privilege to work with someone that is so focused and driven. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

Congratulations Janel on being our Spotlight Athlete.

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