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Age: 47

How long have you been a member of NCF? 3 years

Why did you join CrossFit? I used to run and I stopped enjoying it. A friend who also does CF kept insisting I try it, so I did. Was hooked the first time!

How has CrossFit changed your life? It’s what I look forward to the most in my day. I never thought of myself as a physically strong person, but I sort of do now.

Which move do you find most challenging in CrossFit? …Pull ups. So many, but I think pull ups suck the most! Lol What is your favorite CrossFit move? One of the toughest to master, but it’s also my favorite: the snatch

Because you’re our first Spotlight Athlete of 2016, what New Year’s Resolutions have you made for yourself? CrossFit or otherwise. Well not necessarily a resolution for the new year, but I would like to finally go back to a healthy, moderate eating lifestyle. I’ve been all over the place in the last few years and it hurts my body and my performance. I want to be able to fix that. Be consistent with healthy eating. Not fanatically healthy, just healthy.

What’s your favorite thing about NCF? The camaraderie. I love that we are as cohesive as family. In fact, NCF is my extended family.

What do you love about CrossFit? The variation in movements and the perpetual challenge. ALWAYS a challenge no matter how long you’ve been at it.

Do you remember your first day and NCF? What was it like? My son and I were trying it out. We did Ben. I’ll never forget the feeling of euphoria after we finished. I never wanted to stop after that! Lol!

When you look into the future, what health/strength/athletic goals do you see yourself accomplishing? Consistently moving throughout my life. I just enjoy staying active and I would like to remain so until I’m one foot away from the grave!

What was your reaction when you were told that you’d been chosen as our Spotlight Athlete? LOL… Why? And then suddenly very honored and appreciative.

What are a few things people may not know about you? Hmmm. Not sure. I’m pretty much an open book. Lol. I don’t know if there’s anything people don’t know about me…

“Lupe has been with us for 3 years. She is not only a member, but also a friend and someone I look up to. She works so hard, never complains, and just keeps going. She has made so many gains. Her fitness has really taken a turn lately and her strength is remarkable. I’m so grateful to be a part of her life and fitness journey!”
-Abby Hildreth

“Lupe always has a smile on her face and just shows up ready to work. Over the past few years she has quietly become a very impressive athlete through hard work and determination. She is legitimately stronger than most of the men in our gym and has a wonderfully infectious spirit about her. She’s always open to being coached and critiqued and takes her movements and workouts seriously. It’s refreshing to have somebody like Lupe in the gym. Her commitment inspires us, not just the coaches, but as a community to be better.”
-Doug Hildreth


I couldn’t say enough about how much I care about the family we have at NCF. I feel like I found my home in Newberg. In Oregon, really!

Congratulations Lupe on being our January Spotlight Athlete!

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  1. Mike Gougler Reply

    Lupe is an inspiration, great choice. It’s hard to imagine how hard she must have worked to get as strong as she is.

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