June Spotlight Athlete: Lora

SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: a person/or persons who inspire other athletes with their drive, dedication and success.

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Our June Spotlight Athlete has been described as kind, compassionate, caring, dedicated, inspiring, and, probably to her surprise, strong.  Lora is a 38 year old stay at home mom who has been a member at Newberg CrossFit for almost 3 years.

Her husband had decided to join NCF to be prepared for upcoming physical.  Lora, who had been suffering from chronic back pain since college, was tired of the typical gym scene where nothing ever changed or got better. She decided to join her husband for a 101 class and was instantly hooked.

I found the whole experience fulfilling on so many levels.  When I was in high school I played volleyball, basketball and ran track. I was also a long distance runner in college.  But after I was injured, I had lost that competitive spark.  Joining NCF changed that. I’ve found myself again and it’s amazing.

Although Lora found her spark again, a typical workout was not in her future. After a skiing injury in college, Lora developed serious back issues.  And even though CrossFit made her stronger, she needed more modifications and time to truly heal.  Riding a bike without using her arms was the most she could do. It was a long 8 months and she almost quit, often.

I wanted to quit but the coaches worked with me and my specific needs. I can’t think of a coach that hasn’t given extra time to help me find what works best for my body; all the while with encouragement and positivity. It’s easy to get down on yourself but they helped build me back up and put me back on track, plus I was never bored during my recovery.  The key is to always listen to your body.

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Rewind to 3 weeks ago; Lora comes into the gym and says she was going to try the class workout without the modifications. She does it. Then she did another workout and another and another.  Last week she executed an overhead squat at 65 lbs. then did unassisted pull-ups.  We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. She is a great example for anyone that’s dealing with an injury or impingement of any kind. The answer isn’t to stop or quit, it’s to talk with a coach and work through the process of healing and getting better without rushing.  In the end Lora was glad she didn’t give up.

Oh, I’d miss it too much. I love that I’ve found a new drive and I’d hate to have lost that again. It’s more than just at the gym though. This new drive makes more things seem possible in my day to day life. Plus I don’t have to worry about picking up my kids or moving a heavy box anymore, which is the biggest bonus.

When we dove more into the actual exercises, she was quick to reply with what she loved and what she could do without. 

I love lunges and kipping pull ups. I love what lunges do for your body.  And the fact that I can do a pull up just blows my mind.  But the thing I love the most is the new ROM WOD.  The deep stretching after every workout has helped so much.  It’s made all the difference. I could do without wallballs though.

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Outside of CrossFit, Lora has lived an adventurous life.  She was born in Vienna, Austria and moved to the states when she was 10.  She had amazing opportunities to travel while growing up.  And when she was in college she participated in the semester abroad program where she traveled by ship to 10 different countries.  She’s developed a true passion for different cultures and has now been to a total of 23 countries.

There is this perception that CrossFit is what you see on ESPN.  In some aspects it is.  But those are the 1% of people who find themselves at a CrossFit gym. CrossFit is literally for everyone and that’s something Lora loves most about NCF.

There is a huge range of ages and abilities here.  It’s unique because the workouts are based on your individual body and needs not just what the WOD is for that day. All the coaches are approachable and each has their own abilities and skills. You’d think they would be “untouchable” because of how skilled they are, but it’s the opposite. And having access to people like that is amazing; you get good, solid, quality information.  At other gyms you’d have to pay for personal trainers, but not here.  I think if I hadn’t come with my husband that day I’d still be bouncing around from gym to gym, still in pain and still injured-if not worse, looking for what would help. Newberg CrossFit has taught me to listen to my body and respect it’s needs.

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Lora’s hope for the future brings new challenges and new beginnings.  In the next 5-10 years she sees herself going back to school in the homeopathic field.  Her chronic issues have given her a new perspective on treatments and options and she’d love to share that and help with other people.

From the Coaches:

I love Lora so much! She sets her mind to a goal and reaches it and never lets anything slow her down. I love that about her. She has grown so much over the last couple of years. She has gotten so strong and it’s really inspiring. I also love her birthday cookies!  She has such a sweet and giving heart and I’m grateful to have her in our lives.
-Abby Hildreth, Owner and Coach

We’re pretty fortunate to have Lora as a member. She went through some serious issues with her body and pain levels that kept her from participating in a class workout for months. Lora has incredible perseverance and patience. Most people would not have stuck with the process or given it the time it needed to make the right decision for her long term health. I’m so glad she stuck with it and with us. She’s just an incredibly kind person too. I was dealing with some pretty serious health issues a couple months ago when I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize. It said they’d dropped off a care package on our front porch with instructions on how to use everything. It was from Lora. The world needs more people like her. She is genuinely compassionate and caring; and not just when people are looking. We are very blessed to have her in our lives.
-Doug Hildreth, Owner and Coach

Lora is so grateful and appreciative to the entire coaching staff for their willingness to work with her aliments and specific body needs.

Lora Spotlight (6 of 6)

When Lora was was told she’d been chosen as the Spotlight Athlete her reaction was, “Why? I just come in, keep to myself and do what needs to be done.”  We hope after reading this post, she’ll finally understand why.  Congratulations on being our June Spotlight Athlete Lora, you deserve it.

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  1. Lora Reply

    Thanks Doug and Abby for your kinds words and for recognizing me. It’s so much fun to be a part of this community and you two are the best coaches/owners! So grateful to you both and our awesome community.

  2. Carol L Prins Reply

    Great job Lora!! So glad you’re feeling better. You look wonderful!!

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