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Karen Culp


Age: 41

Favorite Movement: Sit Ups

Least Favorite Movement: Froggers

From the Coaches: Karen is a true inspiration. She’s a perfect example of CrossFit. She comes in and works her butt off everyday and now she’s seeing the results! She comes into the box with a smile on her face and gives her all every time. During Murph she did every rep and really pushed herself until the very end. We are so proud of Karen. She has made so many improvements and is a true gem to our box. We love you Karen!

From Karen: I started coming to CrossFit after being invited by my friend, Maria Acosta. I loved it from day one! I loved how the workouts were laid out, and even though it was tough, everything could be modified to my level of fitness and was doable one rep at a time. One evening, I was pressed for time, and needed to bring my youngest two children with me. I was still very new to CF, and that was very obvious to my ten year old son as he watched me work out alongside the other people there. Part way through the workout he asked me “Mom, are you a little bit embarrassed?”. I smiled and chuckled and then answered him honestly. “No, not at all because everyone here is very respectful about where I’m at.” That is one of the many reasons I love CF. It is amazing community of people, and I feel accepted for who I am and where I’m at. It never matters that I’m the last one to finish almost every time, because they’re there cheering me on and even joining me in finishing my workout! Thank you for all you have done to help me!

Congratulations Karen on being our Spotlight Athlete!

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