May Spotlight Athlete: Tiffany

SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: a person/or persons who inspire other athletes with their drive, dedication and success.

Our May Athlete is bubbly, kind, engaging and so much fun to be around.  Tiffany is a 45 year old Mom of 3.  She joined Newberg CrossFit almost 2 years ago as a way to strengthen her core and ultimately heal a recurring back issue caused by bad posture. Since then she’s worked hard to refine her form and has stayed consistent. She has steadily gotten better and better.
Before Tiffany joined NCF she’d never worked out out in a gym before.  In her early 20’s she was a runner but never for competition.
I hate competition.  Probably because I’m not a competitive person by nature. I ran because I enjoyed it.
Fast forward a few years and Tiffany was finding it harder and harder to stay motivated. Eventually she stopped running all together.  She began working at Columbia Sportswear where she worked as a designer for 5 years before deciding to become a stay-at-home mom. She’s never regretted the decision but over time she found she was feeling more and more tired.  Her friends kept telling her she needed to do something to keep her health in check.  And even though she didn’t know a single person who was a member she decided to try a class at Newberg CrossFit. She was hooked. But because of her back injury she realized she’d have to take things slow, focusing on the movements and not worrying about going fast or putting on more weight. She wasn’t able to do a full or proper air squat, pull up or push up. Today she is moving her body in ways she never thought possible.
I love the people at Newberg CrossFit.  Just the whole vibe. And now I look forward to my 3 day a week workouts.  Even one of my friends has just joined!  I absolutely love it here.
The biggest change in her life has come from the day to day tasks.  Before CrossFit she’d work in her garden and end up sore for the next few weeks. Now she can pull 40 Day Lilies and feel completely fine.  Even her kids noticed the difference.  
I love CrossFit and love getting stronger.  I never thought I’d ever be this strong, and not body builder strong, but healthy.  Being able to keep up with my kids and do the things that I’m able to do; life is just easier.

When we asked Tiffany what her favorite workouts were she didn’t hesitate to say, “Burpees, strict push ups and back squats.”  But then added that she’d like to love toe to bars but hasn’t quite got them yet. They are on her list of future goals, as well as, doing a strict pull up and at least 10 push ups off of her knees.

Anyone who has met Tiffany would agree that she is a social person.  Always smiling, talking, giving words of encouragement.  What you may not know about her is that she’s an artist and needs a lot of quiet time during the day.

I love being alone. Love it! It gives me the time I need to think and create.

And create, she does.  Although she isn’t working at Columbia anymore, she still designs clothing from home.

I enjoy sketching and sewing but I don’t sell any of my designs. It’s the process that I love. Besides the designs are very high fashion-not sure they’d be such a big hit in Newberg. I like to try every type of art at least once.  I’m not big on repetitive art, that’s why I love fashion so much. It’s always changing.

When we started to ask her where she saw herself in 5 years, she was smiling before we finished the question. “Wearing a bikini at 50 and looking hot.”

I love getting older. All of it. The wrinkles and the wisdom.  Finding out who you are, what you want and giving yourself what you need.  There’s nothing better.

From the Coaches:

Tiffany is such an inspiration!! She works hard and has made so many gains. I’m grateful to have her apart of our gym!!
-Abby Hildreth
It’s been a lot of fun to coach and get to know Tiff over the last couple years. She’s come a long way in her fitness journey. A few weeks ago I was watching her do a hang clean complex and she was doing it at 80 lbs! I remember thinking, wow that’s a strong woman! And she is. Plus her attitude is infectious. She works hard and is always happy and excited to be here. The more I see her do the more I’ve realized she should be recognized for her effort and her attitude.
-Doug Hildreth

“I’m just happy to be here. I’m so grateful for being able to come and do the things I can do.  I look forward to my workouts every week and I look forward to getting stronger. I’m so thankful that Doug and Abby started NCF. Thankful for them, their encouragement, not just towards me, but towards everyone else too. ”

Congratulations Tiffany on being our May Spotlight Athlete.

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