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Over the last four weeks, Boys & Girls Aid has introduced you to Ayan, the adorable five year old you saw on video, Chloe, Misty and Sam. All of these children are real, living in the foster care system or homeless and just wanting to have a family and the chance at a “normal” life. While Boys & Girls Aid can’t always find families for every child, the donations we collect at NCF will make a difference now, while they wait, these kids and all the others.
Our final story is about the McParkers. They are a fun and outgoing and very loving family. Items we’ll be collecting this last week follow their story.
“Alesiea walked outside last Halloween smiling in her Frozen costume. She was chaperoned out by her parents, Matthew and Susan McParker, as the three walked around their Portland neighborhood.
This was the first Halloween Alesiea spent with her family. The 6-year-old was able to pick out her Halloween costume and trick-o-treat in a neighborhood where she met friends who would go to first grade with her. It was one of the first of many memories Alesiea made with her family this last year.
In 2013, the McParkers did not exist. Matthew Parker and Susan McAndrew were a couple who knew they wanted to start a family. Teachers who wanted to use their summer breaks for family trips and memories, they came to Boys & Girls Aid to grow their family through foster care adoption.
When Matthew and Susan decided they wanted to adopt from foster care, Alesiea was a 4-year-old bouncing around the foster care system moving from home to home. She had entered foster care when she was 2 after being abused and neglected, and found little stability.
With the help of Boys & Girls Aid, Matthew and Susan found Alesiea. As a way to show their adoptive daughter that she was a part of their family, the couple combined their last names to all become the McParkers.
Matthew and Susan have given more to their daughter than just a last name. The couple has provided Alesiea with the support, love and stability of family. They have given her the security that she has people invested in her future. In April when Alesiea fell in the cafeteria at school and broke her arm, her dad Matthew rushed to the school, beating the ambulance teachers had called. In a permanent family, Alesiea had parents ready and willing to be there when she need them most.
This August, the McParkers celebrated their family when their adoption was finalized. Alesiea passed out cupcakes to everyone at the ceremony. Out front, she used her parent’s cell phone to take a picture of her very happy family.”
In our final week, we will focus on all things fun for kids.
Some ideas follow:
Card Games
Board Games
Stuffed Animals
Children Books
Coloring Books and Crayons
Fun Christmas socks
Learn more about Boys & Girls Aid and read more stories here.

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