Age: I am 49 years young

Favorite Movement: I love sit ups, T2B and running; okay, I can’t choose just one!

Least Favorite Movement: My least favorite is overhead squats; they are so dang hard!

How has CrossFit changed you?: Oh, my gosh, CrossFit has changed so much in my life; my body, mind and attitude have completely changed! I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis about 2 years ago after having several multiple compression fractures in my spine. It’s quite rare in men and for my age, and I was reluctant to start medication. However due to the severity I really wanted to try a weight bearing exercise program and luckily Doug and Abby had started a CrossFit in Newberg. I have been doing CrossFit for 7 months, and I am totally amazed in what I thought I could ever do! My huge anticipation will be the results of my Bone Density Scan this month (July 19). I am really hoping to see a decrease in bone loss or reversal! Either way, I will never stop CrossFit because of the changes I have seen in my overall health, heart and spirit!

Why you love CrossFit?: I love CrossFit because of the community it provides in getting fit; I never felt isolated or intimidated by others. My previous gym experiences was just trying to push myself alone, not very effective. I personally don’t think I am disciplined enough to push my self as hard without the friends from the box. Everyone is so encouraging, and is so willing to cheer each other on during the workouts. It’s amazing to see the results. For example, I had been going to CrossFit for about 3 or 4 months and one day the WOD was a 5K. I was bit scared and thought for sure I would be the last one dragging in, completely out of breath and dreading the entire run. Abby encouraged me by saying that I could do it. It was awesome! I ran the entire way, was the third one back to the box and averaged about 8 min 30 sec per mile!!!! I was thrilled! Now I am running weekly in addition to CrossFit and aiming for my first marathon before 50!

From the Coaches: Michael is a true miracle! After his first WOD we didn’t know if he would be back! He surprised us all and has continued to push himself to his limits!!! He has made huge physical strides and Rx’d his first workout a couple weeks ago! He shows up, ready to learn and works hard, even if he is hurt. He works so hard to move more weight and is a true inspiration to all of us! He is extremely coachable and takes every cue. Last but not least Michael has an amazing attitude, he welcomes everyone in the box and always has a smile on his face. His positivity is a true asset to our box! Thank you Michael for being beyond awesome!

Congratulations Michael on being our Spotlight Athlete!

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