Favorite Movement: I love the motion of the squat clean. Just the fluidity of the movement when done right pumps me up. I also enjoy the backsquat.

Least Favorite Movement: For whatever reason, I hate doing wall ball and pistols.

Favorite WOD: I’m thinking FRAN

How has CrossFit changed you?: Through CrossFit I have gained awareness of my body and my eating habits. I don’t eat perfectly, but practicing to eat clean has helped my self-esteem, my body, my mind, and overall health and wellness. I would not have thought about eating properly until I came to CrossFit, for that I am grateful. CrossFit has given me a sense of confidence too. Pushing hard through workouts and coming out a wreck on the other side, hurts in that moment, but the feeling I get an hour two later makes it all worth it.

Why do you love CrossFit?: First of all, the coaching staff is amazing; they do nothing but push you and cheer you on. They focus on doing the movements properly, and help avoid injury. The environment when you walk into the box is all optimistic and uplifting. People who don’t even know you cheer you on, and genuinely want you to do your best. The best part I think, there is no judgement, you have to start somewhere, and if that is low weight then that is totally fine. I like that part. I can tell you that if you stay diligent, no matter what, you will see improvement. Keep coming back, it works.

From the coaches: “Nick is an individual who is willing to listen in order to become better. He is willing to commit and dedicate himself in order to succeed in his goals. There is never a time when a suggestion falls on deaf ears. He wants to learn and become better at CrossFit. Many times I have seen him doing little things that at times seem tedious. He is willing to do that work in order to get where he wants. It is truly inspiring to see someone check their ego at the door and throw themselves into the instruction of the coaches. It is those like Nick who motivate and inspire.” -Ryan

“He gives 100% in every class and always works really hard. He listens to what he’s told and tries very hard to do everything correctly. He is always working on getting better before and after class. Working on his mobility and his squat therapy all of the time! It’s awesome!”- Abby

“Nick is a great example of someone truly willing to check their ego at the door. He has worked very hard on his squat technique and shoulder mobility. Gone out of his way to find out what he can be doing at home to improve his abilities in and out of the gym. It’s refreshing to see someone not concerned with how much weight they can put on the bar but rather how they can move the bar the best before adding any weight. He’s doing the exact opposite of what I did when I started CrossFit and he will progress quickly because of his diligence. I hope people see Nick as an inspiration. Nick is what CrossFit is all about.” -Doug

Congratulations Nick on being our Spotlight Athlete.

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