How long have you been a member at NCF? I started Crossfit at NCF the February after it opened. Within six months I completed and received my Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Certification and competed in my first Scaled Crossfit competition in Bend, Oregon. (see picture above from 2012)

How did you find NCF? By accident I was looking for Business Sponsors for our school’s community carnival. I contacted Doug because I knew him from high school and knew he had opened a business. He invited me to a class… and well… being a PE teacher, sports/health/nutrition enthusiast… it was a GREAT fit for me! And of course, drank the Kool-Aid instantly!

Which class do you usually attend? During the school year, I try to get into the box right after work so that I have time to take my daughter to her sports practices. Last year I was training twice a day, 5:30am and 5pm, for the Crossfit Open. During the summer break, I enjoyed rolling in for the 9:30am class.

What is your athletic/fitness background? I grew up participating in gymnastics, dance, soccer, volleyball, basketball and track! I especially loved sports in high school! I got my degree in education with a focus in Physical Education K-12. You could say I have a huge passion for fitness/nutrition/and healthy living.

What is your most challenging move in Crossfit? Most definitely the gymnastic movements are most challenging for me! Particularly the muscle up! I was able to get it right before the Open, then they didn’t program ring MU, I was so mad! After one of the Open WODS, I challenged myself to do as many as I could as a “cash out” within 5 minutes! Hahaha

What is your favorite Crossfit move? Squat cleans and squat snatches (squats in general) 

What is your favorite thing about NCF: The community and training with everyone!!!!

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting Crossfit? Oh man… EVERY PR is my BIGGEST accomplishment. No matter the weight or repetition! I love PRs!!!

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? FOR THE BETTER! I’ve never been so strong, so confident, so humble, and so conscious about eating healthy. I have built relationships I never would have without Crossfit. I have gained an awesome Crossfit Family!

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through Crossfit? To get back to the level of competition I was at pre-pregnancy 

What has Crossfit been like while being pregnant? TOUGH! Gives me a new perspective for sure! Feels like the first time, every time! First trimester I had zero energy to workout (especially after a full day teaching.) I was lucky to make it to the box once or twice. Second trimester during summer break I was getting to the box about 3-4 times and then enjoying hiking and swimming on the side. Third trimester, back at work I am lucky to get there three times a week. Super tired. But if I am not making it to the box I am still active during PR or walking laps while my daughter has her dance or soccer practice! I know that the more active I can be, the healthier I am, the healthier the baby is and the BETTER I feel and sleep! I’m thankful my body has allowed me the ability to continue being active. Although, I do my fair share of complaining… I NEVER regret going to workout!

Hobbies/Interests outside of Crossfit? Is there anything outside of Crossfit? I was unaware 🙂 Just kidding! If I am not training, I LOVE to spend time with my husband and daughter! We like to relax and watch movies, BBQ with friends and swim!

Any advice for new members? Keep coming back! Sometimes the hardest part is just to show up! But I promise you’ll never regret a good workout! Also, don’t ever hesitate to ask for clarification, or help with a movement… our coaches are here for you! They want to give you the best coaching they can, so if you need anything don’t hesitate to speak up! 

Any additional thought/shout outs/comments? I’m honored and humbled to receive this recognition! We have an amazing community of athletes and I feel so bless to be a part of it all! Thank you for thinking of me!

From your Coaches:

Maria was one of our very first members, she was our very first coach as well. I remember when she first came in and she really wanted to lose body fat… and I am telling you the girl has zero body fat at the time. As time went on and her competitive side came out she began to change her view of her body and her view of what she wanted. She worked incredibly hard to become a complete badass in the gym. I am thankful that she is not only a coach and a member but one of my closest friends. Through the ups and downs in her life she has always made her health and fitness a priority and been a great example to others. I am so excited and happy that she chose us. Nothing stops this woman when she wants something and I am grateful that we get to be a part of her journey! –Abby

Maria is just amazing. As a coach and athlete. She’s great at connecting with people and inspiring them to be better. She’s been an athlete since right after we opened and has completely transformed her body in that time. Now she’s 8 months pregnant and in the box everyday kicking butt, lifting weights, doing gymnastics, aerobic, whatever we might be doing that day. We’ve had numerous women continue to exercise through pregnancy, and Maria has had a training like approach throughout. I saw her doing toes to bar last week, which is remarkable. She’s just tenacious and all of the things you want to see in an athlete and coach every day. It’s nice to have her around. She’s the type of athlete that makes you smile when you see her. We’re lucky to have her as part of our community. -Doug

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