One on One Personal Training

At Newberg Crossfit Rebuilt we know that some clients have very specific needs or goals when it comes to their health and or fitness. Another way to achieve them is with some dedicated time 1 on 1 time with one of our certified trainers. They will develop a plan based on your goals and help you set a realistic time frame to achieve them by working backwards from where you want to finish, and establishing a true timeline for your success.these sessions we can directly target the areas of need that can, and will impede your path to success. Our coaches will also have the opportunity to educate you throughout the process. Understanding why we are doing something the way we are doing it is an integral part of the client/coach relationship. We believe in education through application with our clients. The more we can pass along to you and educate you in regards to your training and development the more effective and long term the relationship and the results can be. Interested in a free half hour consultation with one of our coaches? Contact us to set up a time today!