Favorite Movement: Wall balls, thrusters and dumbbell thrusters. It’s almost the same movement with all of them. I love how they activate all the muscles in my body. Oh I also love burpies but only because I used to cry about them a year ago. Now I think they are fun for the most part.

Least Favorite Movement: I’m going to play Pollyanna on this one. I don’t have a least favorite. There are things that are harder for me but I will conquer them. I no longer doubt my bodies ability to achieve things.
How has CrossFit changed you?:
In every imaginable way possible.
I’m confident, strong and healthy.
I also feel full of joy. It’s hard to explain beyond that other than the fact that I think it might be true what people say about daily exercise being good for you.I feel like it’s aging me backwards.
I don’t feel like I’m going to turn 41 this month by any stretch of the imagination.

Why do you love CrossFit?: I want to be brutally honest about what I love about CrossFit so I’ll start by saying I didn’t love it at first. The first month 11/2012 was f’ing miserable. I had to really dig deep to show up, I was weak, overweight, couldn’t do most movements, I felt like I was going to puke almost every wod and I cried about it. Things started to change though. I started getting stronger and the pukey feeling wasn’t there every time. I wasn’t seeing weight loss or physical changes though. In February 2013 I shifted over to a Paleo lifestyle and then I instantly started losing weight. I’m currently at between 45-50 lbs weight loss but even more significant I’ve gone down 8 sizes. I came to CrossFit to lose weight nothing else really and I have achieved that. I do love that about CrossFit. I also love how big my muscles are getting. It’s not what I love most however. I love the community. The people at our box are so amazing. They always all seem so kind, courageous, inspiring and supportive of one another. It’s a treat special in life to be surrounded by these people on a daily basis. It’s like my church or something. I wake up every morning, usually at 5:00am, excited to show up.

Ok I’ll admit it that I love the really intense wods too. Why? It’s the RUSH. I love love love laying on the floor and being hit by the massive endorphin rush afterwards. I know it’s weird but like I said I wanted to be brutally honest.

Future goals: I’m currently working on my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I’m saving up to take the CrossFit Level 1 certification course. I was hoping to go this month but it’s been decided a few months down the road would be more financially responsible. Following that my plan is to become fully trained in pelvic floor therapy.
I’m tired of hearing CrossFit women talk about issues pelvic floor dysfunction. So this might seem like a weird list of goals to some but in my head as a midwife and a CrossFitter they all go together and seem like a perfect list of skills for someone like me to have.

Oh and someday I would like to do a muscle up just like everyone else that walks through the door.

Congratulations Patricia on being our Spotlight Athlete!

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