Semi-Individualized Training

For the clients looking for more than just everyday classes, and no desire to enter the world of competitive CrossFit or CrossFit for sport, we offer semi individualized training plans THIS IS THE MIDDLE GROUND BETWEEN PERSONAL TRAINING AND COMPETITIVE TRAINING. We incorporate the daily class workouts (modified accordingly based on the athletes abilities and capacity) into their regimen and then our coaches design a training program to help clients achieve their own personal goals. Some people want to develop their absolute strength more (squats, presses, pulls), some people want to become more explosive (Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics), others want to focus on things like developing gymnastics skills (pull-ups, muscle ups, handstands), and some people want to focus on their cardiovascular endurance (running, rowing, biking).THESE PLANS TAILOR TO WHAT EVER YOUR NEEDS ARE, AND WHAT EVER YOUR GOALS ARE.We provide the prescription and still allow the client to be part of the incredible community at Newberg CrossFit.