Age: 54

How long have you been coming to NCF? 3 years in August

What is your most challenging move in CrossFit? Pull ups have been really hard for me. But I think the hardest are squats and lunges because I don’t have cartilage in my right knee. When I first started I couldn’t even do one lunge. Now I can and it’s pretty great.

What is your favorite CrossFit move? I like wall balls and burpees. I’m more of an endurance guy than just strength.

What are your future goals? To live long and healthy.

What’s your favorite thing about Newberg CrossFIt? The community. Just the diversity of people who are welcomed in here. It’s all shapes, all sizes and all ages. And Doug and Abby work so hard to help everyone who walks in that door. Yeah, they’re great.

What was your reaction when Doug told you that you’d been chosen as our Spotlight Athlete? Surprised! Yeah, there are so many great athletes here. I’m humbled.

When Shawn joined the box in 2012 he had gone through so many knee surgeries, he couldn’t squat or lunge without sever pain. Because he didn’t have any cartilage in his knee, Shawn was very concerned about it impacting his ability to participate in CrossFit. But through diligence and hard work he has gained full range of motion. He lunges with ease and his squats are absolutely beautiful. This is a testament to his work ethic; he wanted it to happen, so he worked hard and made it happen.

From Doug:
It’s always great when Shawn is in class. You know you’ll get his effort and nothing but smiles along the way. But the best part of working with Shawn is that he is so coach-able. If you tell him to a tip or cue, he automatically applies it to his exercise and works at it until he has it.
He has great patience as an athlete. So many people want instant gratification with their progress and aren’t willing to put in the work. Shawn is. He keeps getting better. Three years in and he’s improving which is what this is all about! People like Shawn make our work easy.

Congratulations Shawn on being our Spotlight Athelte.

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