Welcome to NCF!

Hey there!

Welcome to Newberg CrossFit!  We just wanted to say hi and welcome you to our family.  We hope that you like what you see, and more importantly that you decide to come visit us!

This website should give you a good look at how things go around the “box”.  Most importantly you should know that CrossFit is probably very different from what you’ve heard or think you’ve seen and that anyone of any ability is capable of participating in our daily workouts.  Our coaching staff is always here to guide you and correct you as you go. We will make sure that you learn how to move and move correctly.

We make sure to have a lot of fun in our workouts and keep our classes interesting, this is the most fun you’ll have working out, we promise!  We are a family owned gym and our community is oriented the same way, we support each other, cheer for each other, and hold each other up.  All in all this is where we want your home away from home to be and we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you one workout at a time.  Go ahead, look around. Then, come say hi.

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